Metagra Metagra Group is at the cutting edge of technology to produce cold stamping metal parts for the automobile sector

At the cutting edge of technology

Steel rod cold stamping, threading and machining metallic parts for the automobile sector. Over five decades working at the forefront of technology in automobile parts production

Cold stamping

Cold stamping solutions for metal parts for the automobile sector, with the guarantee of a comprehensive, careful and tailored production process. Specialised in cold stamping work for special and large-sized parts

We offer cold stamping solutions for metallic parts in the automobile sector.


We conduct auxiliary tasks in addition to cold stamping itself, such as machining parts, machining our own stamped and machined steel rod parts.

If your project requires cold stamping and machining, we're your best option. Ask our technical team, and we will offer you the solution that best meets your needs.

Part threading

Cold stamped part threading and production of special screws. We thread screws for automobiles and have the Mathread license. We only thread stamped parts that we have produced

Metagra threads cold stamped metal parts